About Tank

Tank Crew represents some of the best crew in the industry and have had our crew work locally as well as internationally in locations like Budapest, Dubai, Morocco, Canada, Canary Islands, Mauritius, Scotland, Norway and Africa.

We take pride in our professional and friendly service we provide to the Production Houses and Crew that we work with, so please get in touch with us to assist with any of your crew requirements or for the best representation.

Tank is all about our crew and would be nothing without them.

Please note that Tank crew may not be booked directly and by accepting a booking sheet you accept our terms and conditions. Crew represented by us may not take jobs directly and on joining us also accept our terms and conditions.

We abide to the CPA (Commercial Producers Association) guidelines.

Our crew

Darion Hing

Co costume designer, Costume designer, Costume supervisor, Onset costume supervisor, Wardrobe stylist

Elaine Jeacocks

Wardrobe assistant, Wardrobe stylist

Lauren van Zyl

Costume truck supervisor, Crowd standby wardrobe, Extras standby, Key stand-by wardrobe, Lead stand-by wardrobe, Standby wardrobe, Wardrobe assistant, Wardrobe buyer, Wardrobe stylist

Moira Anne Meyer

Assistant costume designer, Costume designer, Wardrobe stylist

Pierre Vienings

Costume designer, Wardrobe stylist

Tracey Berg

Assistant costume designer, Costume designer, Manufacturing / breakdown supervisor, Wardrobe extras supervisor, Wardrobe stylist

Zureta Schulz

Costume designer, Assistant costume designer, Costume supervisor, Wardrobe Stylist

Contact us

Sandi-Lee Slabbert
Owner / Agent

Email: sandi-lee@tankcrew.co.za
Phone: 021 671 4791
A/H: 082 343 8872